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The Breast Unit consists of a multi-disciplinary team led by leading Consultants and nurses, who are dedicated to providing ultimate standard of care.

Our specialist team look after your every need, including emotional and spiritual, whilst helping you make informed choices about any treatment. They have access to the best technology and imaging equipment to ensure quick and effective treatment for our patients.

Our Breast Surgeons work in partnership with their colleagues in imaging and pathology ensuring patients are seen and investigated at the same appointment. 

All breast diagnostic procedures including triple assessment, digital mammography, ultrasound scans and MRI scans are available. We also have full facilities for image guided biopsies and pathology services.

All treatment options for breast cancer patients are provided including comprehensive reconstruction procedures (implant and flap reconstructions).

The Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth is the only private hospital in the UK offering endoscopic mastectomy to breast cancer patients.


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In the last audited year we had no MRSA infections


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